• Client information provided to us is treated as confidential, and is not disclosed to a third party without prior permission. Confidential client information is forbidden to be used for personal gain
  • The firm assists clients in defining needs and evaluating products to fit those needs.
  • We pursue relationship in our client’s best interests, and does not compromise independence and objectivity.
  • We provide high quality work to our clients and do not engage services for which we are not qualified. For this, we use only qualified and experienced consultants.
  • We strive to keep ourselves informed and trained for quality service delivery.

SCOPE OF SERVICE – Technical services

  • At Intermel, we listen and understand your needs & meet your requirements.
  • We have the proven technical capability to design, develop and implement your service and technical requirements and facilities to meet specific design & operational/functional needs for your organization.
  • We have the expertise & capacity to complete projects from the simple to complex covering industrial, commercial, offices and specialized projects, using various types of world class standards & methods